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I never drank the water at the restaurants but I guess I did dabble a bit when my mix drinks were made with ice.

We aren't interested in putting our kids in the "kids' program" that is mentioned because we are on a family vacation and want to do things with them.

Was a little skeptical at first to use a website I had not heard of before to book a vacation out of the country in Mexico instead of using a travel agent but everything worked out great.

We paid in full at the time of booking and at check in they didnt even take our credit card as a deposit.

Breakfast buffet is so amazing (the fruit in Mexico is just so much better than America! Also, if the resort has availability for additional days, you are able to book more than the three day minimum requirement at the special rate, by simply clicking on the desired date of return Both, there is plenty of sand, but there are some rocky areas also, which are very pretty. We played out in the water several times, the sand was very clean. There are some rocks on the point for some great pictures, but everywhere else is sandy.The one side is mostly sand with a rock "drop off" that is can be easily walked down to get to the water at which point the water is free of rocks, stones and seaweed (we preferred this side). Therefore that grants you access to all the other Riu's in Cancun. The Palace which is near the "downtown" area is very nice I've heard and there's the Riu Cancun which is pretty massive but we did not visit either. There are a total of 4 RIU hotels in Cancun and you are allowed to visit 3 of the 4 while enjoying the same benefits if staying in the RUIPP.The other side seemed a bit rockier while also having a bit of seaweed build up. The one that sits next door to the penisula isn't really worth visiting. The front desk will be able to explain to you better which of the 4 you cannot visit when you check in but I believe it is one of the ones closer to the party area.That said, are there a lot of activities geared toward families with kids at the resort?

What types of activities - mini-golf, volleyball, etc. Plus, are there any "fast-food or snack" places around the pools or at the beach?

If you go around November, this is the slow season for Cancun, and it's after Hurricane season.


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