Counting crows adam dating courteney cox

She since got engaged to Johnny Mc Daid, an Irish guitar player and singer for alternative rock band Snow Patrol, in 2014.

She’s also dated rock promoter Ian Copeland, director Michael Keaton, and Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz.

I was going through your typical 15 year old drama, I like this boy I don't know if he likes me, etc. Eventually said boy and I started dating, but it always reminds me of simpler times when the worst problems that you have is 15 year old crap.

Hindsight, I now realize that it's not what the song was about at all.

The title alone really described what I was feeling, and parts of the song seemed to tie in with other things going on in my life at that time, at least in my mind.

Of course the song has different meanings for different people, but 16 years later, I still get teary eyed every time I hear it. The lyrics in this song are nothing short of magical.

Duritz sings this song with such emotion you can't help but love it. This song always brings me comfort knowing that something better will be around soon!

Most of their songs have great lyrics & always a great rhythem!

They sucked, their songs sucked, and this song was the boringest of them all!I could understand if they were winning award after award and didn't sell any albums but they do, and they sell out tours all over the place.


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