Dating site for republicans dating uk 31 newcastle upon tyne

So it’s not surprising that in the aftermath of a hostile election cycle, partisans are feeling less warmly toward one another, and less likely to date the other side.

“We tend to fall in love with somebody who has the same values as we do,” Fisher says.

“And this is a time when the values are very polarized, and very personalized.” Which is perhaps concerning.

People who have more social interactions with members of other political parties tend to have warmer feelings about them, Pew Research finds.

I have to say, there were a shocking amount of minorities on the site.

And while it’s by no means a United Colors of Benetton ad, there’s more diversity than I would have ever expected.

Noticeably lacking on his and other profiles was any major political tirade or series of racist remarks as I expected.

Ditto for the few earnest-sounding profiles I found -- full of predictable “all-American” and “traditional family values” platitudes.


But this January, noticed something surprising: a in activity among the site’s more liberal users.Nothing's free here -- and to start a conversation with any of your matches, you're going to pay.


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