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I'm not frightened, shure, I think we have just more to share during an evening.I know I'll make most of you, and if you want Maria, you could make most of me.As he walked past her she noted the wild prof hair and decided to ruffle it... I felt in yout eyes your difficoult beauty, your merry pain, a long story and I feel I would know her, with you. She didn't give him her number but decided that because he wanted the pic she emailed it instead. I wet myself laughing and then thought, hurrah i am not the only one who attracts nutter.So it's only fitting for actress Sofia Milos to steal the spotlight as she graced the red carpet at the The Consequences and Charity Foundation gala at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami on Saturday night.

None of the charges against the cops has anything to do with the deadly shootout itself.The hilarious thing is he says unfortunately he is italian , they have the best food going, good fashion etc. He clearly has the nutty hair do to go with the nutty thought that after meeting her for 5 mins they were destined to be with each other.


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