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• suicidal thoughts Will you RT for depression awareness? Unless you are physically unable to move, or in a part of the world where it is life threatening to attend, you ought to be in a church.This will mean the return of battle hardened fanatics, trained and armed with wepons to different countries.


Cover of the August 1943 issue of the Four Favorites showing a War Bond character beating Hirohito, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

Since radio was often a "live' media, there were restrictions.

Broadcasters were warned not to cut to a commercial with the line, "and now for some good news," and reporters were instructed not to describe bombings precisely enough so that the enemy could tell what they hit, for example, they were to state "the building next to the one I am standing on," not "the First National Bank." Many broadcasters worked war themes into their programming to such an extent that they confused the targeted audiences.

Mauldin's cartoons not only publicized the efforts of the ground forces, but they made the war appear bitter and onerous, helping convince Americans that victory would not be easy.

While his cartoons omitted carnage, they showed the difficulty of war through his depiction of the soldiers' disheveled appearance, and sad, vacant eyes.

Included in this effort were live broadcasts to North and South America of the show Viva America, featuring the journalistic expertise of Edmund A.


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