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Subscription feed option For online calendars and other calendars that can access the internet, the best option is to set up a calendar subscription.To create a subscription feed, simply click on the “click here” link that appears on the Calendar tab page under the “Subscription Feed” heading.There are two ways to import Trip Case into your online calendar: via live subscription and file import.To get to both options, go to in a web browser (login is the same id and password as on your phone) and click on the Settings tab at the top of the page and then on the Calendar tab towards the top of the page.Companion Link synchronizes Outlook data to your Black Berry's Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Notes apps.At Trip Case, our main goal is to make your travel life easier.Or, copy and paste the url that’s provided in the same section into a web browser, hit return and then follow the prompts.And voila, Trip Case will appear wherever you access your online calendars (on your phone or computer).


First, you must install Black Berry Hub Services (this is the background service that allows Hub to work).

Unfortunately resolution of this issue tends to be a waiting game: By way of some background, the way an ical feed works is that it is your calendar application (Google in this case) which periodically requests an update of the information from Timetastic i.e.



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