Free pre recorded cam show

Good one Mc Nabb says that it is a really good MG, no chance that he would change up though.

Scott has a number of interesting cars and has TF parts from the former Peter Thompson that may be of interest to a restorer. Note that some dates may have to change and there may be a special event Sunday drive event in December to visit the “deep south” again with some points of interest for the view photos taken by David Mc Nabb - click here A great morning tea supplied by Don, Jeannette and friend, thanks heaps it was superb.Inductee into the Register Hall of Fame, Raymond Finch was presented with his membership pack by Arthur, it’s taken a while to get him to re-join really however he does make a significant contribution to helping members with their restorations, cars only.Congratulations Don it is a really interesting and challenging project that you have in front of you.


Peter Shipside’s lovely WA on show out front was actually a family car handed down to him by his father.

Very comfy indeed, much trouble convincing some that it was his car.


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