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Specialized services include a Level II Trauma Center, a Level III NICU supporting newborn care, a Chest Pain Center, the Center for Neuroscience, minimally invasive robotic surgery, and comprehensive sports medicine and orthopedic care services.

In Fiscal Year 2010, Gwinnett Medical Center cared for approximately 400,000 inpatients, outpatients, emergency patients, and newborns.

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With a three-hospital system in place, the Hospital Authority watched as each facility quickly reached and exceeded capacity.

The steady stream of new residents into Gwinnett County created a significant need for new hospital capacity.

The Authority’s first facility, Button Gwinnett Hospital, was constructed under a grant by the federal Hill-Burton Act.


After several architectural designs and challenges with funding and site location, the reconfigured, 190-bed Gwinnett Medical Center (now Gwinnett Medical Center-Lawrenceville) opened in 1984, offering all general, medical, surgical and diagnostic services and 24-hour emergency room coverage.

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