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"The rise of these things is the reflection of a larger crackdown on hate," said Heidi Beirich, who leads the Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Project."They're scrambling to create an alternative ecosystem to do the same things they used to do with Pay Pal and Facebook and Google Ads and whatnot." The radical right, which includes the grab bag of neo-Nazis and white supremacists known as the "alt-right," has wormed its way into the mainstream for five decades, according to the SPLC, and has succeeded "in a way that had seemed unimaginable" since George Wallace ran for president on a platform of racial segregation in 1968.Hatreon says it was "established in contradistinction to the inexcusable content policing" of other crowdfunding sites, and name-checks Patreon.Among those using the site: Richard Spencer, the white nationalist credited with coining the term "alt-right," and Andrew Anglin, the publisher of the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer.


The websites list free speech and fighting censorship as motivation. Fund, Goyfundme and Hatreon -- underscore a darker purpose: financing hate speech.We Searchr is one of the granddaddies of extremist fundraising and has hosted several campaigns that raised more than 0,000.The site got its start as a quasi-journalistic endeavor and expanded into more general fundraising activity.is a self-paced online training program for educators sponsored by Disney.

In this training, you will learn about the risks children face online, key lessons you should be teaching, and which Net Smartz resources to use for each age group.

Anglin, whose publication is called "the top hate site in America" by the Southern Poverty Law Center, has 224 patrons pledging a total of more than ,800 a month to support the site.



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