Modern fossil dating methods


When geneticists first started measuring genetic differences between people, they realized that the population must have once been a lot smaller.They came up with the idea of a genetic “bottleneck”, a period in which the human population might have been very small.They preserve a pattern of diversity that goes much earlier back in time, meaning that today they are much more diverse in their genes.In all the world, genetic diversity is greatest today among the Khoe-San peoples of southern Africa.It doesn’t divide Africans from non-Africans, it reflects a deep history of diversity among African populations — the founder effect leading to non-African peoples was much later.That stem population, in genetic terms, is the origin of modern humans.


But just as easily, it might instead be off on its own branch, flowing until it disappears into the desert sands.Very ancient peoples mixed too, but migration and mixing were less in the distant past than in recent history.


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