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Or maybe I should blame the manga publisher and the magazine. It truly is a good manga, couldn't wait until the last chapters come out so ended up buying it in Japanese online.

It was a lot more sad than I thought it would be since I was specifically looking for happy mangas with no drama and definitely not a tragedy, turns out there was definitely drama and there was a lot of parts that made my heart ache a lot.

What will happen to Madoka who, when deciding to stay behind, is left to fend for herself in a family acquaintance's (the Asagi's) guest house?

Madoka - I liked her, but she was kinda fickle and cruel.

I didn't like the pitiful Madoka at that time (and why the short hair? Seriously I don't even remember if they kissed at least!

Iketani sensei's drawings are much more attractive than in Six Half.

I should have checked the labels on the reading site, because on Mangapark it definitely says that there's drama, but it didn't say it here, so that was a bit stupid of me since I can't handle painful drama :s The transition from volume 5 to volume 6 was super confusing (I can't read Japanese) and I quite hated the two last books because it was just too much broken hearts and pain.

Loved the funny parts, but couldn't take the sad ones. I like the whole atmosphere of this manga; it reminds me of Obereru Knife in a way.Well, it's kind of her own fault all this happens because of her fickle feelings.



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