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Un articolo divulgativo che tratta di alcune applicazioni della teoria dei gruppi a domini non prettamente scientifici, come la teoria della percezione e della conoscenza di Poincaré e la psicologia cognitiva di Piaget.Un articolo divulgativo che introduce alcune tecniche matematiche che sono utilizzate per definire il profilo geografico di un serial killer e, sperabilmente, trovare il suo nascondiglio in modo da poterlo catturare: il tutto è stato di ispirazione per l'episodio pilota della serie televisiva Numb3rs.ABSTRACT: We sketch some differential calculus on Poisson algebras and introduce a concept of module and representation on a Poisson algebras; we give examples and consider cohomologies connecting these constructions to the algebra of Poisson brackets.ABSTRACT: Regular Poisson structures and foliated (almost) complex structures are considered on manifolds, as a generalization of the Kähler case.We discuss the existence of compatible Poisson and (almost) complex structures in general and we give examples of such structures on product of spheres, Poisson manifolds equipped with Dirac brackets induced by contact forms, Iwasawa manifold, etc.

In alcune circostanze, le regole di formattazione predefinite non sono però sufficienti.

L'aggiunta di una formula a una regola di formattazione condizionale può infatti facilitare l'esecuzione di operazioni che non sarebbero possibili con le regole predefinite.


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    In the above code we are creating a root node SALESORDER, which holds SOHEADER, SOLINES(multiple) and SOHEADER , SOLINES contains leaf level nodes which represent header, line columns respectively.

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    We all remember watching live television for the first time and wondering what it would be like to be a Hollywood celebrity.

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    While the two are observing the setup, one of the actresses (Jenny Wade) recognizes Megan.

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    Annual International Software Testing Conference (STC) has been a highly popular offering that brings together practitioners and thought leaders from the software industry, academia and government for sharing and exchange of experiences, ideas and learning. Dubstep Music Maker is the hottest dubstep production tool ever made for a mobile device!

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    This season was hosted by MTV India VJ Nikhil Chinappa. The show is hosted by VJ's Nikhil Chinapa and Deepti Gujral. The king and queen stay in the villa this year but in special chambers known as the 'King and the Queen chambers'.

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    Hand this reserved and soft-spoken man a microphone, and Hypnarowski transforms into the group’s groovy front man whose energy is contagious. “We have been playing together for so long, it just feels automatic.” Keyboardist Ken Africano has long been impressed with Hypnarowski’s versatile style.

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