Sexchat with a bot

I hit send and waited to be told in email wither Twitter would approve more or not in 6 days. This blog which has often stirred up controversy for the 10 years its been in existence and links to places Vice, The Quaz, LV Weekly where I was written about or interviewed.In the meantime while I twiddled my thumbs I learned that MANY sex workers have applied to be verified only to be turned down. Maybe they just didn’t read them, I mean if your job was to wade though bullshit about verifying some boring motivational speaker why would you want to read really compelling interesting stuff by a best Selling NY Times writer or Vice magazine.Twitter allowed us to connect in a real way, to support each other, share information and ideas.We were able to create our own social media support support system for a group of people who are often discriminated against, marginalized and often just flat out denied access to the the things everyone else is allowed to participate in.Ich ging das erste Mal in einen Sexchat und schrieb blind hinein ich will Sperma schlucken. Alles blinkte und ich konnte mich vor privaten Nachrichten gar nicht mehr retten. Das Sexdate zum Schwanz blasen haben wir uns noch am selben Abend ausgemacht. Groß, gut gebaut und die Beule zwischen den Schenkeln konnte ich schon durch die Jeans erkennen.Wer hätte auch gedacht, dass das so einfach ist 😉 ! Groß reden wollten wir beide nicht, also bot er mir seinen Monster Schwanz an. Also dem würde ich auch mal den Schwanz leer saugen. Es gibt sicher kein Sperma auf Rezept, obwohl mein Arzt ist auch ein heißer Kerl.



The reason being since i was using a stage name, they needed to see i was who i said i was.

I was an early adopter and encouraged others if my ilk (at that time i was a hooker) to join me.


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