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So I did the research and there were a lot of services.

Milo’s mission is to bring every product, on every shelf, of every store in the physical world onto the internet.

Because the founders were all Harvard math students. This is CEO and co-founder Sam Yagan’s third venture.

Sam is well known to the entrepreneurial world, having founded his first company, Spark Notes, with three friends in college.

It has now made it fun, crowdsourcing, a differentiating factor. We think our product works better than theirs – you are more likely to find a better mate than on their site. our first slogan, was for free, fun, and effective, the three fs.

We don’t believe that their matching algorithm works. Dating should be more like going to a bar than a shrink.While we were the more legal version of what they were doing, we were only slightly more legal.” Sam ended up testifying before the senate judiciary committee.


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