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The lure of the heating inside of the store was just too great for me to avoid.

Putting my hand against the cold steel of the door, I pushed my way inside of the store and the warm blast of heating was enough for me to almost be grateful I was inside.

Rolling my eyes, I snorted out a sound that almost resembled a ‘Bah Humbug’ sound before starting to walk a little faster to get home while I still could do.

Reaching my door, I pushed my hand into my jacket pocket and blindly searched for my keys.

However, the smell of out of date hotdogs and burgers were enough for me to get brought back into the room.


Of course, I had precisely nothing to do with my week off other than be a Grinch and probably make my way home after dealing with my family.

Looking to the right, I stepped out into the cold and started to walk towards my home.


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