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Axel) 07 Contra Vientos & Mareas 08 Sólo Importas Tú 09 Ay Dios (Feat. Victor Manuelle) 22 Sin Tanto Espacio 23 Te Pienso Sin Querer 24 Cómo Decirte No (Feat. Gloria Trevi) 04 No Hay Cielo 05 Somos Tres 06 Esta Vez (Feat.Save the mp3 to the PLAYLIST of your favorite Mp3 songs. Vanesa Martin) 10 Fantasía 11 Cómo Decirte No (Feat. This album is the biggest decision in my whole life, because it broke many of my fears and many of the limits I had set for myself.I wanted my audience to view me exactly as I am, to take off those masks that suddenly a human being wears in order to not be considered as vulnerable, fragile or sensible by the others.


It includes duets with multi Grammy Award-winning Mexican singer and songwriter Joan Sebastian and the Puerto Rican musician Pedro Capó.It comprises mostly new songs but also includes a medley of four of her hits.


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