Updating sales tax rates in quickbooks updating initrd


I created an invoice in March for 00, and the tax that is calculated is .50. The simplest approach to a changing sales tax rate is to just edit the sales tax item and change the rate. The Quick Books Help file states that you should for an existing sales tax item, that this can impact reports and existing transactions. That is what I would expect – the rate itself is stored in the invoice, not just the reference to the sales tax item (note that I did not exhaustively test this situation).Then on April 1 the state tax rate goes up to 8.25%, and I make a sale in April. I still don’t recommend changing the rate this way, though, because of the way this impacts the report.



As you can see, now the report properly separates the sales by the different rates for different times of the year. Another big benefit – because each of my customers were assigned a sales tax group item (rather than a sales tax item) I can make the change to the rate, but I don’t have to go into each customer record and change them to use a different rate.For your tax reporting you will need to show the amount that was taxed at the old rate, and the amount that was taxed at the new rate.



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