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Cameron Lewis' throat [Jun 9, 2003] Accused of murdering Summer Halloway; not guilty [Jun 24, 2003] Fled the country to Switzerland when he was accused of killing Summer [Jun 24, 2003] Kidnapped Stefan Cassadine and performed an illegal mock trial to expose Stefan's lies [Oct 2, 2003] Planned to burn down Wyndemere [Oct 6, 2003] Stabbed and killed Stefan Cassadine because Stefan was responsible for Summer's death [Oct 10, 2003] Had Dillon Quartermaine attend Stefan Cassadine's funeral dressed as a woman so that everyone there would think that the woman was Luke when "she" wasn't [Oct 16, 2003] Illegally auctioned off the Dead-Man's Hand [Oct 31, 2003] Chloroformed Helena Cassadine, kidnapped her, and held her captive [Jan 26, 2004, to Feb 3, 2004] Blackmailed Helena; told her that if she didn't tell him where the Azure Key's treasure was, he would hold her captive until she starved to death [Feb 3, 2004] Poisoned Helena enough to give her a stomachache [Feb 3, 2004] Stole the Azure Key's treasure from the Quartermaine/Cassadine auction [Feb 5, 2004] Sprang Edward Quartermaine from the Shadybrook Sanitarium [Mar 2004] Along with Skye, attempted to steal a file from inspector Morse [Mar 9, 2004] Arrested for laundering money through the Haunted Star casino (along with Faith, the true culprit) [Mar 29, 2004] Posed as a doctor in a remote village in Africa Kidnapped Laura from Shadybrook and moved her to a different facility Killed Jake Webber in a hit-and-run car accident [Mar 18, 2011] Arrested in connection to the disappearance of Anthony Zacchara [May 31, 2012]; released for lack of a evidence that he was dead Injected a comatose Nikolas Cassadine with adrenaline [Mar 28, 2013] Held Helena Cassadine at gunpoint and threatened to kill her [Mar 29, 2013] Shot and killed Helena Cassadine [Apr 3, 2013] Collapsed and was briefly unconscious [May 2013] Poisoned with the radioactive substance Polonium 210 by Helena Cassadine [revealed Jun 2013] Held captive on Cassadine Island by Jerry Jacks [Sep to Oct 2013] Took over the Barrett Corporation as a front to launder drug money [revealed Mar 24, 2014] * Ordered Julian Jerome to import and sell cocaine [Mar 31, 2014] * Illegal drug use and possession, sampled the cocaine he intended to import and sell [Mar 31, 2014] * Attempted to sexual assault Kiki Jerome [Apr 18, 2014] * Hired an assassin to shoot Julian Jerome's son Lucas Jones [May 21, 2014] * Shot and killed the assassin he hired to shoot Lucas Jones [May 21, 2014] * Held a gun on Ned Ashton and threatened him [May 22, 2014] * Framed Ric Lansing for murder and created false evidence which named him as the head of the Jerome crime syndicate [May 29, 2014] * Pushed Dante Falconeri down a flight of stairs and hit him with a crowbar [Jan 29, 2015]* Conspired with Helena Cassadine to have Jason Morgan (while he experienced amnesia and used the name Jake Doe) plant a bomb on the Haunted Star [Jan 29, 2015]* Attempted to smother Julian Jerome with a pillow [Feb 5, 2015]* Attacked Scott Baldwin and bit off part of his ear [Mar 5, 2015]* Used a taser on Nina Clay [Mar 9, 2015]* Escaped from Shadybrook psychiatric care facility [Mar 9, 2015]* Held Valerie Spencer at gunpoint, tied her up, and rendered her unconscious [Mar 20, 2015 to Mar 26, 2015]* Held Patricia Spencer, Bobbie Spencer, Tracy Quartermaine, and Lulu Spencer at gunpoint [Mar 30, 2015]* * Committed while Luke Spencer suffered a mental breakdown (Luke was arrested on Feb 6, 2015 and on Apr 2, 2015 for crimes committed during the mental breakdown; the charges were later dropped and Luke was ordered to receive medical treatment) Beat up by Scotty and fell overboard before marrying Jennifer Smith [Jul 1980] Caught in an avalanche and broke his back, paralyzing him for a while Injected with a deadly virus by Lucky and went a little crazy, confused about what year it was [2001] Run over by a car while saving Summer Halloway's life [Nov 18, 2002] Suffered head injury after being knocked out by Summer when he attacked Lucky [Jun 5, 2003] Hospitalized after accidentally knocking himself unconscious after a fall [Jun 10, 2003] Fell ill during the encephalitis plague he brought to Port Charles [Jan/Feb 2006] Heart attack and quadruple bypass surgery [Dec 2007] Drugged by Ethan Lovett and taken to an alcohol intervention where he was tied to a chair [Apr 2011] Knocked unconscious after Heather Webber hit him over the head with a wine bottle {Jun 2012] Kidnapped by Heather Webber and held in an abandoned cabin [Jun 2012] Shot by Heather Webber when he jumped in front of a bullet meant for Anna Devane [Jul 2012] Shot in the arm during a prison riot inside a Turkish prison [Jan 2013] Rendered unconscious by Heather Webber's coconspirators and drugged while held captive at Miscavige Psychiatric Care Facility [Jan 20, 2014 to Present] Luke arrived in Port Charles at the request of his sister, Bobbie, to help her split up Scotty Baldwin -- who Bobbie wanted for herself -- and Laura Webber.

As Luke was about to exchange vows with Jennifer, Scotty boarded the yacht and proceeded to start a fight with Luke.

Luke was in search of this stone for Alexandria Quartermaine, but when he became friends with Robert Scorpio, a secret WSB agent, Luke learned that the Cassadines were after it and Alexandria was conspiring with them.

When Victor Cassadine obtained the stone, he jumped on his yacht with his brother Tony and set off for the Cassadine tropical island.

But then another hit man arrived in town to kill all of them.


Eventually, Luke cracked the book and turned it over to the cops, and Frank Smith was jailed.Luke and Laura enjoyed the tropical paradise while Robert utilized Victor's mistress, Tiffany Hill, who hated Mikkos' secret plan, to find the entrance to the cavern.



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